About Us

Dana and Sherry.

Welcome to the TriWivesClub.  We are Dana and Sherry – wives of triathletes.  Jody, one of the original TriWives, has stepped back due to work and travel commitments, but is still in our hearts.  For those not as familiar with this sport, it involves 3 disciplines –swimming, biking, and running; a variety of distances from Sprints to a full Ironman; and in-seasons and off-seasons.  Had it not been for our desperation to find enough activities to occupy an 11 hour race day (that had its beginning at 4 AM mind you), our friendship never would have flourished.  Part of what kept us occupied included sharing stories about our triathletes. We soon realized we had so many and couldn’t possibly be alone.  We were also frequently asked spectating questions during races, so thought we’d put together our vast experience and share them with you.

We love to travel the world, which is great as most of the races we attend are not local.   We also love to eat and cook fresh, real food and enjoy our glass of wine.  While our experiences focus on triathletes, they can be translated to most any other sport.  We’re sure the partner of a baseball player or golfer will easily find solace with us.  We hope you join us on our journey as we take you behind the scenes of living with a triathlete.  We have a wealth of information to pass on for managing this lifestyle and will let you in on how we keep our sanity and sense of humor.  We promise it will be informative AND fun…….