The spectator's version of a transition bag....

The spectator’s version of a transition bag….

Ok, so your triathlete is packing their T bags and laying out their gear the day before the race….spectators need to do this, too!

Putting careful thought into what you bring to the race is critical.  I like to keep it simple and pack only the absolute essentials for the day.  A too full bag full of stuff you don’t really need gets heavy and irritating after a few hours schlepping it around and can slow you down.

Here’s what’s in my bag for IMLV 70.3 world championships!

  • The bag….simple and LIGHT!  I like the string variety – cross bodies are great.
  • Sunscreen options – cream and spray and lip balm…the travel sizes in a plastic bag just in case they ooze
  • Hat/visor if its going to be brutally sunny
  • Sunglasses
  • Small wallet with ID, money, credit card, and hotel key
  • Athlete bike check out card!!! (put in wallet)
  • Bell – for ultra noise making cheering
  • Phone – in a plastic zip lock if it looks like rain.  Remember a portable charger for full-distance races.
  • Paper and pen – for keeping track of your athlete’s estimated swim bike run times, so you know when to look for them!
  • Simple snacks for breakfast and the day…..keep it light!
  • Water/drinks; not pictured since keeping cold in the fridge…pack in the AM
  • Triwivesclub cards to hand out at the race!

And don’t forget to wear comfy shoes that you can move fast in if needed, and to wear bright colors that will be easy for your triathlete to pick you out in the crowd!


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