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  • what are the least favorite ways to support triathletes

    5 Least Favorite Ways of Supporting a Triathlete

    Yes, we know we are all about supporting a triathlete emotionally and at races. Many we are happy to do… We support them by NOT telling them this is a crazy sport and the amount of time it takes is nuts.  We support them by just saying “Okay” every time they read something and want […]

  • ironman cda with keith and peter

    Yes, Traveling With Friends and Family Can Go Well

    Having someone to hang with at a triathlon sounds good right? Who wants to be by yourself for up to 14+ hours during a full distance race? It can be a lonely life out there on the course for a spectator. And it’s especially true if you aren’t staying at a hotel you can make […]

  • is solvang one of the favorite triathlon training camps

    Family Favorite Triathlon Training Camps With Local Flavor

    We’ve actually come to love triathlon training camps over the years. They can be great for a family vacation as long as everyone realizes your triathlete will be gone most of the day. And mind you, they are not all created equal. While some are high end and great for the family, others are more […]

  • what are some vacation spots for triathlon training like new zealand

    Favorite Vacation Spots for Triathlon Training and Family Fun

    Everywhere we travel as a triathlon family means we must have three things… A bike to ride. A pool for laps or open water. A long distance treadmill or safe area to run outside. Now these items, of course, are for the triathlete. But what about the family? Isn’t the most important point of a […]

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