what's in the survival guide to the triathlete man cold

If you thought a triathlete with a cold was bad or a man with a cold was bad, combine the two and you have the perfect storm. Like horrible, terrible, when will this end bad. Take heed…You’ve just entered the world of the Triathlete Man Cold.

At first the triathlete will surprise you and say he’s got this. He’ll push and push and push to keep working out. A regular man, on the other hand, just curls up at the first sign of a sniffle and the world stops. Not the triathlete man. He pushes his body to the limit; until he seriously can no longer get on that treadmill…

should a triwife have a season?

I recently lived through this experience and can say with confidence…When you combine regular man with a whiny triathlete who cannot work out…RUN. Yes, run far triwife! Well, that’s certainly what I wanted to do. But, alas I couldn’t, so did the next best thing. I came up with some ways to survive the duration of the cold. And they worked. And I’m sharing.

Oh, if you think I’m kidding, just google the term Man Cold. You will find article after article on the subject; none very favorable. And believe it or not, the term Man Flu is even defined in the Oxford Dictionary!

A Survival Guide to the Triathlete Man Cold

The Magic Shot

At the first sign of a cold there’s a magic shot that may cut the duration or severity. I call this the all natural cure. Combine one part 100% Agave Silver Tequila, 2 parts orange juice, and 1/2 part local honey. Shake well and serve to your sick triathlete. 

If you feel the shot is not working, don’t give up. Just mix two more. Give one to the triathlete as a second dose and take one yourself. Yourself for two reasons. One is preventive to ward away the cold and the second is to calm your nerves while dealing with your sick triathlete. 

what are some tips for surviving the triathlete man cold

Chicken or Vegetable Soup

Chicken Soup is a classic remedy to any sickness. There’s enough scientific evidence to make it worth trying to fight a cold. But part of the healing magic of the soup is not the soup itself, it’s the nostalgia. It brings back memories of being taken care of by mom. When we serve up chicken soup to a sick one in our house, we throw in a couple of beef bones to benefit from the goodness in the bones as well. If chicken soup is not available, try spicy ramen or wonton soup as great replacements. 

A Day in Bed

This is the hardest thing in the world for the triathlete to do, but the easiest for regular man. A triathlete believes that he should never miss a workout and sweating it out is a good thing. While a little sweating it out may be fine, the issue with a triathlete is going to an extreme that can actually cause harm. So finding a balance between resting and working out is a must. Try and think of a day in bed just like the day after a race. 

what is a survival guide for the triathlete man cold

Just what the triwife ordered for the triathlete man cold!

Tip...Before the season starts, it is important to lay down some ground rules and even plan on workout-free days. If one day has to be taken up because of a cold, live with it and move on. That day off will benefit the cold in the long run and make the tri-supporter’s life easier over the course of the cold.  

Set Up a Sick Zone

Yes, we all know no one wants to be alone especially when they are sick. But sick people can spread their germs easily, especially to little ones at home. And the truth is, if a tri-supporter gets sick who’s going to take care of everyone else? Well, we all know the answer to that. 

But to avoid getting the rest of the family sick, it’s important to set up a sick zone to have the triathlete sweat it out and germ it up in. In our home we have two. The first is at their side of the bed and the second is the comfy couch in your family room. I do a few things to set them up.

what are tips for surviving the triathlete man cold

One sick zone area on the couch.

First, I lay a sheet over the areas. Second, I line trash bins for tissues. Finally, I set him up with his favorite things. Just like when a kid is sick and we make them a basket of their favorite books and toys, I do the same with my triathlete. The basket should include all the running, biking and triathlon magazines catch up on, electronic equipment, and a computer so they can adjust their workout schedule for the rest of the week. 

A Sense of Humor

That is right, a sense of humor. I would say compassion or patience, too, but often those qualities will not be enough to get you through. Bring a sense of humor, but do not show it to the triathlete. The triathlete must read your humor as compassion and patience. I mean come on…He wants to know you appreciate the seriousness of just how sick he is and take the situation seriously! 

Give him his magic shot. Oh sure, he will complain it will never work and that he’ll never get better. Just turn around and take your own magic shot. When he moans and groans and says he will never make it to the “A” race now, that we all know is four months away, encourage him and say, “it’s just one day and you will be back to working out in no time”. Walk out of the room, smile, and know this Triathlete Man Cold will pass and your life with a triathlete will be back to “normal” soon! Yeah…

If all else fails, don’t hesitate to grab the martini shaker and fix that Tritini!

how I live happily with a triathlete man cold

What are your suggestions for surviving the Triathlete Man Cold?